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the bee habitat
at tucker nature preserve

Building a thriving bee community in Tucker


To have a thriving bee ecosystem that promotes and leverages our park land, and to provide educational elements and programs focused on the important role of pollinators in our environment - for the enjoyment and benefit of all citizens and visitors to the City of Tucker.

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about the bee habitat

Honey bee populations in the United States are facing potential extinction, with over 50% of honey bee populations dying off in just the last 10 years. Bees pollinate over $15b in US crops each year, so their decline has alarming implications for human food supplies. The Bee Habitat is helping to alleviate this problem in the Tucker area by building and maintaining new honey bee habitats and educating the public about the importance of bees.

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thanks & Acknowledgements
  • Dekalb County District 7 Commission Lorraine Cochran-Johnson

  • City of Tucker Parks & Recreation Department

  • City of Tucker

  • Friends of Tucker Parks, Inc – a 501c3 organization dedicated to supporting Tucker Parks

  • Friends of Tucker Nature Preserve – Part of Friends of Tucker Parks focused on the Tucker Nature Preserve

  • Bee Board Members – Pam McNall, Beth Ganga, Ray Ganga, Leonard Howell, Melissa Smith, Shawn Stone, Valarie Nichols, Suzanne Borchert

  • Bee Keepers – Andrew & Ellen Ausley and Steve Cook & Matty Garrett

  • Roots Design Studio’s Michael Kidd  

  • Girl Scout Troup 15239

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