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How to Form a Friends of the Park Group

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

A Friends of the Park Group is formed as a first step in creating positive long lasting change in a public park. A group may start as civic association committee or begin with the sole purpose of improving a park. While friends of the parks groups can differ in terms of size, scope of work and influence they have many things in common: A “Friends of the Park” Group has the following characteristics: a group of park users (often neighbors & community leaders) actively working to improve one or more parks (usually one) in a defined geographic area (usually a neighborhood). While Friends of the Parks group can be different in terms of size, scope of work and influence, all FOP groups form with the purpose of improving a park or green space.

Benefits of Becoming a Friends of the Park Group Officially forming a Friends of the Park group will have many intangible benefits, such as giving neighbors an opportunity to meet and interact and creating a single unified voice for the park. However, there are also many tangible benefits that a Friends group can take advantage of once registered with Park Pride including access to:

Becoming a member of an existing “Friends” group or starting your own “Friends” group is a great first step to improving your neighborhood park!

To find out if there is an FOP group in your neighborhood park, contact Ayanna Williams ( or 404-546-7963).

For more information about forming a Friends Group for your park, visit:

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