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Tucker S.T.E.M. Projects

Last year the Tucker High School Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) class began collecting data from Kelley Cofer Lake and Park to help identify potential issues that they could work on correcting or improving. Through our partnership with The Friends of Kelley Cofer Park group, the students designed, built and installed bird houses and corresponding interpretive signs to compliment the ones completed for the pollinator garden last year. The students also began testing their design for a floating island to help absorb excess ammonia, nitrate and phosphate that have been identified. The park area was also studied, and issues like mosquito population, lack of educational components, accessibility, waste disposal and wildlife habitats were identified. These issues will become a big part of future project plans. Lastly, students from both the STEM classes, Tucker High School Beta Club and National Honor Society assisted in clean-up days to eliminate as many invasive plant species as possible. These cooperative service days have provided students great opportunities to interact with the school’s neighbors.

Learn more about the STEM Team’s experience with a short video here:

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